It’s saturday.i get my regular dose of HK gossips and what’s new by picking up the 八卦杂志.

so many good reads.on beauty,gadgets,fashion,bags….

this is the popular ranking of the 2nd bags in HK Milan Station(deals with new n used bags).that’s why i always like to invest in classic bags that are low maintainence,easy to match any outfits and even can pass down to my daughter in future:)

Chanel,all girls will drool at the classic 2.55 bags

Luxury must be comfortable,otherwise it is not a luxury

A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion

Fashion passes,style remains

counting down…..12,11,10,9……..3,2,1!

Balenciaga Motorcycle BagChanel 2.55Gucci MonogramLouis Vuitton Damier Azur Speedy30Bottega VenetaLouis Vuitton TahitenneMiuMiu Vitello PatchYSL Muse TwoChanel Perforated MetallicHermes Birkin blackLouis Vuitton Monogram WatercolorHermes BirkinHermes,still the Taitai’s favourite .2nd price-HK$92900. original-$70000!!!!

LVs are always the everbody’s bags

Chanel is always the ‘sold out’ bag

Bottega shopping bag is a real classic,functional,but too X for our daily junk  

MiuMiu…Balenciaga….so many bags that i like…………how?

work harder lor 😉

4 thoughts on “bags……

  1. eyscha

    hey its ivy lee!!! haha ok im not that fanatic. anyway when you used to shop at toys r us forum, coincidentally, you will always be on my cashier. haha. ok lame. but i really love to watch you act though.


  2. Ren

    Hey…show more pics of your kids…I think there was a pic I came across of you and your girl…STRIKING RESEMBLANCE of you. 🙂


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