Barney Live

Brought my kids to the Barney show at Suntec City last friday.Take a look at the photos!Kids enjoyed the show,i still prefer watching the children who acted with Barney in the vcds,like Lucy,Hannah,Michael,Derick…:)

6 thoughts on “Barney Live

  1. kelly

    hi ivy,

    came across ur blog from pat’s link… 🙂

    in fact i really likes ur acting and also my bro-in-law lor. fyi, u r my bro-in-law idol. he enjoys watching each of ur show and will never miss every episode… haha. think my sis kinda abit beh tahan liao. lolx. anyway, u r good 🙂

    by e way, welcome to the world of blogging. when i first start my own blog, i also very blur n not easy at all lor ( ask lots of help from my gfs… know what they’re e one who actually set up my blog n insist me to write everyday lor :S ) i even got problems posting up my pixs… but soon u’ll get used to it and in fact find it damn easy 🙂 however do keep on writing ya, will once a while drop by ya… keep it up 🙂

    oh ya… can i tell u something!!! my gf really looks like u especially when she just had her hair cut short. even my readers even left message in my tag that she really look like u, some even mistook her as u… 🙂

    u may feel free to drop by my blog : –

    i’ve got my gfs pixs posted… do check it out ya 🙂

    n also my honour if u can tag me too 🙂

    take care and all the bests to u ya 🙂


  2. constance

    oh, i didn’t know there was Barney showing during the school holidays or i’d have brought my girl there. she’s a Barney fan. I like the kids in the tv shows too, mostly the 2nd batch ones, with little Linda in it.

    first time on your blog. lots of pretty pictures here. please visit mine, but they are mostly about my kids.



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