my dinner

Finally,after filming Glamour Mum for 2 days,i can really have a good nite rest.For the last 2 weeks,i was enjoying my short break before Love Blossoms 2 starts.Usually,i goto sleep after 2am and wakes up around 9.30am.My call time for the filming was at 7.30am.It’s really hard to get myself to sleep early and wakeup early becos of my ‘programmed routine’.Anyway,i’ll have to program my routine again cos my drama filming begins next week.That means,i will not be able to sleep as much as i want,no breaks,no public holidays and no offdays till the project wraps.Yeah,for the next 5 months:( So,u guys must watch Love Blossoms,ok!Hope you all enjoy the show.

This was what i ate for dinner with my girl after filming.

half slab baby backsDan Ryans baby back ribs.I used to frequent this restaurant when i was much younger. Favourites include th clam chowder and potato skins,yummy.Too bad they took out the oyster shooter from the menu:(clam chowderpotato skins

10 thoughts on “my dinner

  1. WT

    Hi Ivy!!

    Love ur Zijing in Love Blossoms.. Take care of ur remaining break before ur filming start.. Have fun!!

  2. esther

    looking forward to your appearance in “Glamour Mum and the Dude”!(: rest well for the time being k!haha.

  3. Jann

    HI !!
    Hope that you are resting well okie ?? Really looking forward to see u on ‘ Glamour Mum And The Dude ‘ and ‘Love Blossom I&II’okie !! And really hope to see you again !!
    Cheers ,
    Jann !!

  4. WZ

    Hello Ivy jie! Yeah! I watch Xin Hua because of you! You rock man! Your expression and action are so natural! Jia you for Xin Hua 2! I will definitely follow this drama! Btw, where is this restaurant? The foodie look so YUMMY! 🙂

  5. kimberly

    hello!! 心花朵朵开rocks man!! zijing is so funny!!! i will definitely watch 心花朵朵开2 cause hav you!!! hope u enjoy yr break and rest well and hope yr kids r healthy and strong!! and loved yr new commercial also!! the natural confectionery!! i bolught the sweets also!! haha nice… ok bye and take care!!!


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