Boat Ride

Went for the boat ride on sunday evening.Whenever we have filming near Singapore river,Raffles landing site,Boat Quay etc,we always complain that the passby bumboats are very noisy.It’s live sound recording,so we always have to wait till they are all clear before we can continue to shoot.But when I was on the boat,it wasn’t noisy at all,in fact,it’s quite relaxing and breezy.I had a closer look at the bridges,buildings and places that we are so familiar with.Singapore has changed so much,but we are too busy to slow down our pace to appreciate her beauty.Will take a ride on The Eye(yeah,its the Singapore Flyer.I rode on the Eye in London,tks;)) and looking forward to National Day…

3 thoughts on “Boat Ride

  1. Margarita

    It should be known as “Singapore Flyer” and not “The Eye”. There’s something call “London Eye” but it’s located in London.


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