Love Blossoms 2




11 thoughts on “Love Blossoms 2

  1. ZX



  2. ume

    Hello Ivy, so surprised to see your blog! Guess we are both alike, wanted to blog coz everyone else is doing it, but we just delay & delay & delay…I just started a blog last month too 🙂 And guess what, this design was one of those I was contemplating but selected another one in the end. So, happy blogging!

  3. WZ

    Zijing! Jia you jia you! my sony w890i is giving me problem in less than a month… No wonder you changed phone… humph! hope to see you soon, my favourite actress! 🙂

  4. Jas

    HI, just want to say you did improve a lot since the day you got your star search award. Read yr article yesterday on papers…You did very well in both motherhood and yr job.

  5. kimberly

    hi! u really improved when u won star search!!
    i also wan to be like u when i grow up… so tt maybe i can work wif u!!
    jia you ivy!!!心花朵朵开 rocks!!! 紫荆 rocks!!! i will definetly watch 心花朵朵开2!!!


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