Hot pants,HOT

翻了翻杂志,看到现在很流行hot pants.在四季如夏的新加坡穿是最舒服的。香港真是一个买东西,吃东西的好地方。踏入6月,许多牌子和商店都部署好一切,进入pre sale戒备状态。之后就像GSS,SALE,FINAL REDUCTION。可惜,要开工,不然我也想飞去shopping:)哈哈。


 ChanelJimmy ChooSergio RossiPrada a/w Vernice Sfymata

So Cute

8 thoughts on “Hot pants,HOT

  1. judyneo

    hi im here not to comment, but can chk wif u as im a new blogger, how to blog in chinese? 🙂
    Thank you

  2. Jr

    hi, love ur 7pm show, nice act haha

    anyway recommend everyone this blog for NEW release music and lots of latest entertainment news lol

  3. sAndy

    hello ivy…

    sandy here. i mised out the episode of ” la ma” which was telecasted last 9 on channel 8. any idea where can i watch it? 😦


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