Love Blossoms 2

As u can see,we have started with the filming of Love Blossoms 2.There will be more characters in part 2.Hope u guys do enjoy the show:) \behind the scene facesme and yahui

7 thoughts on “Love Blossoms 2

  1. deb

    My 3-year old girl loves “Love Blossoms” and Zijing is her favourite in the show. She’ll ask “Where’s Zijing?” whenever you didn’t appear…

  2. Kelly

    hi ivy,

    where to get those colored short pants from ur previous post? is it online or any shops in sin??? normally i get it from bugis n seems like nowadays they dont carry much of sizes 25…

    thanks 🙂

  3. James

    Hey Ivy,

    Ye I try to catch Love Blossoms every evening after school! Most of the time I can only make it in time to catch the last half of the show though! 😦

    Machi is such a funny character LOL. Yep I’m definitely looking forward to LB 2!!

  4. constance

    It must be hard work working as an artiste. Not just work but artistes all have to keep up their image as they are being watched all the time. In pictures you all looked like you’ve had so much beauty sleep and look so refreshed.

    I’m not very good with names but I sometimes catch the dramas when I get the time and, thank God for English subtitles, I am picking up Chinese. Thank you for the lovely acting and giving us so much to look forward to. Life would have been boring without actors to spice up one’s life.


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