Summer Fiesta at Sentosa Palawan Beach

Take a look at ‘behind the scene’.Everyone was chit chatting,snapping photos.Some looked grumpy too as it was rather hot inside the holding area:(Hmm…seems like there’s more ladies than gentlemen today.Anyway,it was a very relax roadshow cos everybody came in beach wear.t-shirts,flipflops and shorts…Everything’s well except for the occasional rain:( 

ai yoyo
ai yoyo
\'hand print\'

'hand print'

do you see the 铁砂掌手印 on my leg?

Thank you ,Aioyoyo

geping and his 2 daughters
geping and his 2 daughters

6 thoughts on “Summer Fiesta at Sentosa Palawan Beach

  1. kimberly

    u rock man! but i didnt go to the event as i had a test the next day… hiaz… hope u liked it and i and so looking forward to love blossoms 2…
    my friend saw u acting at compass point wif geping and yr mother in law(in the show)… haha… (:

  2. kendra

    hi mikki,
    ( if ue do see this), i really envy ue 4 having an actress as yr mum. so good! how i wish my mother was like tt too! and plus, ue get 2 meet up with all the actors and actresses!!!!
    p.s: if ue have a hotmail account, can ue add me? thks! but if ue dun want, it’s ok. byebye! have a good dae ahead of ue….


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