Omega Event at Paragon

Omega is the official timekeeper of the 23rd Olympic Games in Beijing.

 Friends are asking me where i got this gorgeous dress.It’s from TANTAN.丹丹百货carries quirky chinese classics.Look at the fabric and details.The piece that i wore, a traditional cheongsum cut on top,flare at the bottom.Only a few pieces for each size.If you like it,do check it out 🙂


18 thoughts on “Omega Event at Paragon

  1. kendra

    do ue have a youtube account or msn? can add mi pls!!!!!!! thks!


  2. Doreamon

    I had watch ur latest drama in Channel 8 that you do light make up…if you never do any make up will you look the same as in TV or even worst?

  3. Jann

    Hi !!
    Happy Birthday !!
    Do you have facebook account ?? if have than can u add me u just need 2 search 4 ivy lee and im the one with the felicia chin pic or im the one who has the match 4 Tv Shows !! Thnks !!

  4. preciousmoments

    Hi Ivy

    Just came to know your blog through Pat Mok’s blog.

    In your blog, you were mentiong you alway read Hong Kong magazine, I also love to read magazines. I’m wondering whether you would share with me which Hong Knog magazine you are reading and which bookstore you bought it from? Is it Kino, MPH or Boarders???

    Btw, just like to share with you that in fact, I know your elder sister and her husband. They are my ex-colleagues in Treasury Building and the office was now in Concourse. That was in 1992 and 1993, when I was still with the Company and was in-charge of their HR matters. I rem their dept was called PIA. I wonder whether is your elder sister and her husband still working there? I remember both of them known each other in the same Company and later they got married. I remember that time, when I was wif the Company, you just won the Star Search and news spread in the Company and everyone in the Company started to ask your elder sister about you. At that time, you were so popular in my ex-Company. Anyway, I can’t rem exactly what is your sister’s name. Correct me If I’m wrong. I think your sister is Alice Lee. They may not remember me as I was with the Company for less than a year.

    Please send my regards to them.

    Thank you.

  5. kendra

    happy belated birthdae!! hope all yr wishes come true and may ue have a vv good career ahead!! jiayous!!!!


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