Lost my camera.Actually,my girl lost my camera when she went for NDP preview last saturday.I was upset she was so careless,but what’s done could not be undone.I’ll have to shop for a new camera.Any suggestions?

Very busy lately…filming Love Blossoms 2.So far the feedbacks were quite good and people on the streets do come to me telling me they always rush home to catch the 7pm show:)Thankyou everyone!!

Have to go,早班tomorrow.Will share more next time when i blog,sayonara……….

17 thoughts on “well,…………..

  1. Jacelin

    Hi Ivy
    I am your fan since many years ago when you joined Media Corp. In the past, you had alot of bad comments but I always told my husband, you will “BIG RED BIG PURPLE” one of this day.

    I love watching your show … I found u very pretty and have a nice feature. Once I saw you at United Square, however, u walked very very fast and I couldn’t catch up.

    You have improved alot alot … hope you have a smooth and happy career ahead. Will support you alwasys !

    Jacelin (mum of two)

  2. Qing

    Hi Ivy, were u using a Canon? If not, why not give it a try?

    I always like Canon digital cameras and am now using IXUS860 and S2IS. The S2IS has been with me for 3-4 years now. The latest is S5IS.

    You may also want to check out this shop called John3:16 at Funan IT Mall (I think it is on the 5th floor). The shop owner Samuel and his staff, Leslie, are both very knowledgeable and honest people. Their prices are generally better than most shops out there but transaction is only by cash or NETS (additional 2% of commission for NETS transaction).

    Hope this helps and have a nice week!

  3. lyinglow

    hey, i watched the channel U show and found out about the unhappiness you have had long ago. stay strong alright!

    JIAYOU le, ZIJINGGG 😀 hehe~

  4. kimberly

    or maybe sony? i am using sony! haha.. but every if u wan to buy phone, buy NOKIA!!! nokia ok? haha…
    and ivy, i love watching yr shows. esp love blossoms!!! i am also watching the repeat telecast of live again 🙂 u did very well!! hope that you can win the best actress award and top 10 most popular actress!!! i voted for u last year u noe? i will vote for u again tis year dun worry!!! watched u on celebritea break… was quite sad that people talked abt u last time.. but get over it and this is what u will get!! u r now famous! haha.. well.. in my eyes.. 🙂 haha.. giving u lots of encouragement!!! go for it ivy!! u r the best!!
    🙂 ivy rox!!!

  5. pinky~

    hi ivy, well i know its personal but allow me to ask , is your daughter in P5?and wad school is she in?
    its ok if u do not want o respond

  6. passerby

    Listen to Pat Mok and “pass”, CANON is the best, therefore it’s always slightly more expensive than other brands with same megapixels/functions etc, BUT it is definitely worth it. Canon’s lens is the best, so the picture quality is great.

    You can look at Canon Ixus 75 (newer than 80) which came out half a yr ago, then probably the price has dropped a little?
    Ixus 75 has anti-shake and 12 auto focus point, which means it can auto focus up to 12 person’s face in a same picture.
    Maybe there’s new models for Canon now, im not sure tho. Can test around a few canon models before u buy. 🙂


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