Puppies!!!not for sale

They were so cute!!I was filming at this Prince Nursery aka  陶花园 on saturday and i found them in a box.8 altogether,cuddled up,sleeping soundly….:)

All things are cute when they are small,like babies,clothes,shoes etc.But when they get bigger,mmm…………… reality comes in.They might just look like their parents,strays or maybe 不起眼的guard dogs.So sad right?That’s why SPCA always have so many abandoned animals.People kept baby animals(puppies,kittens,bunnies)as pets,when the animals grew bigger and didn’t look adorable like they were before,they will either be abandoned or given away. 

Anyway,i took these pictures with my handphone.Not too bad right?Still on a lookout for a new camera.

5 thoughts on “Puppies!!!not for sale

  1. sun

    to ivy and all …

    let you all guess … haha .

    if a horse head is facing east .
    which direction will the horse tail be facing ?? =P


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