Never seen before!!!

Look,never seen before posters!My hubby was telling me there’s this BAIDU search engine,like Google,was amazing.You name it,they have it.(as long as your name was ever mentioned in the press lah)

I managed to find some posters from dramas that i was involved ,never seen before and never knew they existed,Hahaha.Enjoy:) 

8 thoughts on “Never seen before!!!

  1. sandy

    Ivy lee

    i want 2 go Baidu and search 4 ur previous show.. how to? whta’s e tittle i m suppose to highlight???


  2. esther

    “beyond the axis of truth”, “house of joy” ,” live again” , “wings of desires” and “crimes and tribultations” !:D.HAHA.

  3. jessica

    ivy,ii like you act the drama show call Ah xue…
    the show make mi feel cry and touchin too…
    ii saw euu real person be4 when ii was young..


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