Jacob Ballas Children’s garden

7 thoughts on “Jacob Ballas Children’s garden

  1. Jann Wee

    Yar its nice !! The Greenery is nice !! Luv It !! Oh Yar u noe that at one time channel 8 had so many of ur shows and now not even one …Sobs… lyk da jiu dian , luv blossoms,tian tang niao !! So mamy in 1 whole week and now there is not even 1… but anyway jiayous kk ??!!(:

  2. a friend of mikki

    hello coco…….wow……
    that is a very nice picture……
    hope u will give me comment too…..haha
    bb…coco and u ivy……..

  3. kendra

    haiiz…… ii went there a few months ago aand i slide on the slide in the first pic and i fell down 😦 i oso got a scar…. argh!!!

  4. w@nd@

    Hi ivy!

    may i knw wres dis place? like to brg my 3yr old devil to show him e lovely mother-nature…
    Kids shd exposed to nature more often…


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