To market,to market

This is a market cum restaurant Marche @ Vivio City(used to be at Heeren).Fresh meat and vegetables select and cook on the spot.Nice deco,the house was shipped as one whole ‘house’ from its origin!The fresh food display makes everything,GOOD TO LOOK AT,NICE TO EAT;)It’s the birthday cake used for filming that’s really edible because Marche not open for business when we filmed this morning.Will definitely go back again:):)

5 thoughts on “To market,to market

  1. sandy

    ivy jie… the other time u mention if log on to Baidu can get the chance to see ur previous shows right, but how to? can guide me?


  2. Grace(feifei)

    hey mummy!! we stayed there for lunch after filming that day! the rosti is the best!!!yum yum!!=)did u go n eat?….if no, do go n try the food!!!hehe!!:)

  3. Cheeky

    hi ivy

    chanced upon your blog — din know you also blog, cool sia!!
    just wanna say that you have certainly matured into a fine young lady with good acting skills… hopefully, a day will come when i get a chance to work with you **dreamz* …hahaha

    keep smiling!


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