Costumes for kids

Bought something online again.Costumes for kids.My boys are fans of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,so the costumes will be for good for dressup parties and halloween too.I’m still waiting for the second parcel to arrive next week.Backyardigans costume and dinnerwares.If you are interested,do checkout ‘’.They have a wide range of characters,clothings and toys.One of my ‘best buys’-underwears(nemo,cars,scooby,diego etc):) 


5 thoughts on “Costumes for kids

  1. Tanat

    Haha, very cute costume indeed. It probably helps that their older sis is named Mikki, heh. I guess u already got your copy of this week’s 8 days? Your boys are looking good…! 🙂

  2. Eve

    Hi Ivy

    You are also an avid online shopper like me….hehe
    I also like to buy jap clothings from and cool stuff from amazon for my kids. Old navy and baby centre also has lots of costumes for kids.

    I am looking out for a fun halloween party for my kids to attend, let me know if u know of any!

    Happy shopping and enjoy the upcoming Halloween! 🙂

  3. speh

    Hi Ivy,

    i like to read your blog.i noe that u like to shop online for ur kids clothings as well as for yourself.i also like to shop online to buy lothings for my gal.can u write down the web address in your blog.


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