The Anniversary Gala 2008(ii)

supper-grilled lamb chopsupper-clam chowdermy hair-Passion glittering-nails by Pinc Nails,ring by Flower Diamonds andy lee's magic touch

11 thoughts on “The Anniversary Gala 2008(ii)

  1. Jann

    Heyys… vry long time nvr see you already … excpt 4 the one at Jurong Point hehe … And btw nice nails there !! (: stay happy always !! (:

  2. sf

    i watched the show that night… rather interesting…
    any more behind the scene photos to share? really look forward to see more… =DD

  3. Jann

    Really envy you leh can take pix with Cynthia and the rest of the ppl anyways , nice nails you gote there !! (: Stay Happy Always !! (:


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