Crazy over Ben 10

It’s my twins’  birthday.Boys at their age are crazy over this character Ben 10.Instead of buying online,I managed to get some stuff for them here.Mummies out there,u know where to get them now:)

Ben 10 Alien Force cake from Smiling Orchidfigurines from the cakeBen 10 balloon from Party Citygoodie bags-Party Cityomnitrix wrist watch from Party CityBirthday banner-Party CityBen 10 cake-Smiling Orchid

33 thoughts on “Crazy over Ben 10

  1. esther

    i don’t even know there is such a character called ben 10 HAHAHA.happy belated birthday to your sons!

    btw,you look good on this week’s iweekly(:

  2. Serene

    Hi Ivy, Can i noe where u get the ben 10 cakes and accesories from?? My son is a huge fan of Ben 10 too…thanks! 🙂

    1. cons reyes

      hi ivy…

      i want to order ben10 cake and that loot bag.. where can i possibly buy that? r u selling? pls call me 90227445 coz my son will be having his 4th bday this 29 june. plsssssss….. thanks

  3. Pamela

    Hi Mummy Ivy,

    My son is also crazy over Ben 10 and his bday is approaching. Can I know where did you get all the Ben 10 Party stuff.

    Mummy Pam

    1. mndmummy Post author

      so sorry for the late reply.U can get all those party favors from Party Express @holland village or raffles city
      some open air stalls at Rochor near OG also sell stickers and towels

      1. Susan

        Hi Ivy, I have searched under the party express, there is no such company in holland. Could it be they closed down already? Urgent,,,,,kindly reply,,,thnks

  4. Amummy

    Hi Ivy,
    May I know where you buy the two bday cakes for your twins? My boi also wan a Ben 10 theme for his bday. 🙂 Thanks.

  5. Sherilynn

    Hi Ivy,

    May I know where did you order the Ben 10 cakes from? It’s so beautiful! I would like to get 1 for my son too.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Susan

    Hi Ivy, may i know where you got the ben 10 cake? I have search everywhere for the ben 10 cake, i know that last time is bakerzin who is selling the ben 10 with copyright, but recently they never re-new the copyright, so really dont know where to get son birthday coming in a mth time, i still havent got the information of the cake. Would appreciate if you can reply me if you are free..Thanks

      1. Susan

        Hi Ivy, so sorie, juz known that you are aldy in hk now, you shld be quite busy doing the settle down, but still can spare some time to reply me,,,realy veri appreciate…..without your reply, my son birthday party will not be so perfect wan!!! really thank you so much!! Btw have you settle down yet??really not easy to settle down from one country to another country ,,,really need a lot of time to adapt, but at least the whole family is united again…..thk all these worries will only be secondary. Hope to see you on the blog again once you settle down and have free time. Once again, thank you!

  7. Susan

    Thanks Ivy!!! I finally managed to book the Ben 10 cake. My son love it very much, and wanted to eat it now. I am so happy to see him smile.

    Thank you so much!!

  8. Susan

    Thanks Ivy for the fast reply……will try to call them the stock for the ben 10 wristband….but heard from them that its out of stock,,,mayb got to bring it in from overseas…..too bad you are in HK now,,,or else can invite you to my son birthday party…..and tell my son that lucky got auntie Ivy tell mummy where to buy ben 10 things,,,or else his birthday party wouldnt be perfect with ben 10 theme…..really many thanks!!


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