I’m going to burst…

It’s May.I will be delivering my no 4 soon.It’s always exciting to meet someone that you are so familiar with,yet never in real contact with for 9months.These few months were busy for me.Looking after my kids,running errands,falling sick,getting ready for this n that.Full time mummies-I Salute.Too many things,too little time:)

Realised my last entry was in March.Actually wanted to share some beauty buys ,internet shopping and food with u guys,but my back always ache and can’t sit for too long.Sorry!

Well,I need to lie down again:( Will update my blog soon,cya!

take care everyone

38 thoughts on “I’m going to burst…

  1. Fennie Lee

    Hi, Ivy

    just wanna to wish you have a very smooth delivery. I am a housewife with 2 kids, age 8 and 10, busy juggling with kids examination, household chores and etc. I really SALUTE to you.

    Take care and rest well.


  2. Andrew

    Dear Ivy, I wish you a smooth delivery of your 4th child… hope to see you again on TV… take care and God bless!

  3. Catherine

    Hi Ivy,

    Care to share when is ur EDD? Expecting my No.3 (All princess) this May too (Edd 25th May)..

    All the best to you and have a smooth delivery!!! (^.^)

  4. Jenny

    Hi Ivy,

    Wow!! I salute to u too for having 4 babies! I am a full time mother of 2 boys and it really takes up lots of my energy and time running after them!!!! 🙂 Have a smooth delivery and take care especially of the hot weather lately!!! 🙂

    Best wishes!

  5. sophia chan

    Hi Ivy !!!

    Take good care and have a smooth enjoyable delivery.Hope to read yr blog soon. Gongxi

  6. AtelierGal

    Hi Ivy!

    Congrats on Baby No. 4! So is it a prince or a princess?

    Saw your interview on CelebriTea months ago, admired you for your independence.

    Have a good rest and looking forward to see No. 4!


  7. Boon Kiat

    Hi Ivy,

    Hope you have a smooth delivery! Hope that you can return to our small screens soon

    All the best!

  8. joz

    Hi Ivy! Congrats on ur baby no.4! It’s tiring to be a mum, but I am sure the joy is all worth it….Looking forward to ur next entry! Take care! 🙂

  9. Ron

    congratulations! hope she’ll be as pretty as u and micky if it’s a gal and handsome like the dad and the twins if it’s a guy! so happy for u!!

  10. esther~

    have a smooth delivery!! waiii! it sounds weird but i’m excited about your new baby!! anyway, take care and all the best!!! can’t wait for you new update!! 😀

  11. kimberly

    have a good rest ivy. and hope you will have a smooth delivery! take care of yr health.
    it has been a long time when i saw u on tv. really miss yr voiceand fabulous acting. hope u take care! return to the acting industry soon!!!

  12. reshel

    I am sure you will have a smooth delivery…
    I salute to you and Singapore really need more mummies with courage and spirit like you! I am a bad example =P
    Take care Ivy!
    Jiayou lor =)

  13. Ken Davies

    Fingers crossed it will be a painless delivery. Take very good care of yourself, Ivy.

  14. Han

    Hi Ivy
    you shld have delivered by now, yeah? din c any news report on it…or everyone is busy with other news like launch of ultimanum etc…
    nevertheless, wish you well and take good care.

    so happy for you that you are in the TOP 10 FEMALE Artistees this year….glad that 2008-9 ended on a high note for you…

    heard that you may not renew your contract…whatever it is, we will miss your presence in the next few months while you are on maternity…hope you get to act soon …maybe, in the year-end blockbuster …you are certainly a fine actress and jia you OK??

  15. Sabrina

    Hi Ivy,

    Congrats on your upcoming little bundle of joy! Do enjoy your maternity break!

    On a heavier note, I heard you’re migrating at the end of the year? 😦 You’re a really great actress and I’ve always been following your shows since The Price of Peace. Of course I hope you wouldn’t have to migrate and that you’ll continue charming the Singaporean audience; but as a fan I’ll respect your decision nonetheless.

    Hope to hear from you soon! And all the best in your future endeavors 🙂

  16. Moon

    Hello Ivy Jie!

    Is the baby birth already?
    I think actually Yeah ^^

    I hope you can blog if u have time!
    And put some beautiful pics of your new baby!

    x Moon

  17. Kerlin

    Hi Pretty Mummy,
    saw ur blog, rem when i preg with my bb too! and esp the part of tiredness. is very very very tired if it is… but i want to salute u! u are super Mummy! First, because u can take the pain 4 times! Second, u oversees ur house and kids from A-Z urself. For me, i cannot take pain. when i confinement, my hubby happen to be not working and with me… so my friends/relatives thought i am lucky to have him with me when i went thru days of “hormones changing days”. haha.. wish u smooth delivery and one last but not least thing, how to lose weight so fast? u seem to do it so well, like never preg before! keke~

  18. Sabrina

    Hi Sandy,

    Good news! Ivy-jie has indeed given birth to her number 4 🙂 This happened just a while ago and although we don’t know the exact date, the stork probably landed somewhere between 20th and 25th May 🙂



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