Take a break

her feet has grown:)

Finally have some time to blog:)My baby Leah is doing fine but my eye bags and dark eye circles are getting worse!(all the night feeding and changing of diapers).She’s going to be 2 months old in a few days time.Juz a month ago we celebrated her 1st month at Dan Ryans,with well wishes from friends and relatives.It was a cosy party with magic show to entertain the kids,parents and friends sit down and chat.cuppalicious cupcakes(sweetest moments)Oops,got to go ,she’s crying for milk..

I will be back;)

18 thoughts on “Take a break

  1. sandy

    Ivy jie.. tmorow is ur birthday.. wish u an advanced happy birthday. all the best 2 u… don’t worry abt ur dark eye rings / bags.. u will recover from it de… just b a happy mummy… hope to read ur latest blog soon… y didnt u display leah’s pictures? 😛


  2. niki

    Hi iVY jIE,I am wanting 2 wish u a very !Donn worry 22 much cause soon,baby Leah will be as independent as Mikki…Do rememeber to eat healthily and most of all..be a “quaile”mama//O.o yahh,do remember to load more pics of ur children and update latest news(how r u going 2 celebrate ur B.O.D)k k?Best Wishes to u n ur family!

  3. Pamela

    Helloooooo! Esther’s cousin here haha. Haven’t seen you in a loooong time! ): Hope you’re doing fine. Anyway, yay it’s 12am, Happy Birthdayyyyy! (:

    Oh and by the way, a bit late but congratulations on your new baby daughter! (:

    Hope to see you soooooooooon. Take care!! (:

  4. angel cheng

    Happy Bday Ivy, best wishes for u.
    i’m really glad to be here,cause this is a media where u can read our post directly, and we can tell u what we thought.
    you have a perfect family, with ur husband, 4 kids.so do enjoy ur life.
    btw, i m ur fans from indonesia, already like you when you was in star search (i was in junior high) until now.
    take care….

  5. cally

    hihi, this is cally 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!!! ohya, i’m from malaysian, kuching! 😛
    nice to read your blog~ when i reading this post which you r talking about your baby girl, makes me thinking of my baby cousin 😀 he is only 5 months old (older than your baby girl, but both are ‘momo’ [cow]) haha~ i love him so much~ and may god bless your baby girl and your family! 🙂 all the best in every things.
    do take care,,,, 😛

  6. kimberly

    hey ivy! wishing you a very happy birthday!!! hope that all of your wishes will come true… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! (:


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