For baby

peek a boo raccoon in garbage canpacifier holdersSo lovable!I was at The Better Toy Shop getting the pacifier holder for Leah when I was almost tempted to buy a Jack In The Box toy.The sales then suggested something more suitable for younger babies- raccoon puppet.I fell in love with it as it was so cute and soft to cuddle :)This is my 2nd Baby Byjorn carrier.I love this latest synergy model bcos it’s cooler for babies and gives better back support for my back.I’ve been using the same brand of baby bath,lotion and diaper cream for all my kids(that means 12years!)I trim my baby’s nails quite often and tommee tippee nail set comes with the baby filer that can smoothen the edges(like mani n pedi ;))Baby carrier Synergytommee tippee nail setlotion and diaper cream

13 thoughts on “For baby

  1. Gillian

    hmm, have you been approached to endorse baby products yet? u will definitely be convincing and make a good choice! Like u, I just had a baby, now 2 mths plus. I am using the same diaper cream too, is good! U also using BPA free bottles? If baby unfortunately got blocked nose, trying using Karvol Decongestant Capsules, is effective! Can be used on babies from 3 mths.

  2. gwendoline

    i like johson baby products…i hav been using it since i was baby n it almost 17 years(i m 17 now n i m still using it)…^^…i dont know whether baby byjorn is available in malaysia…

  3. Pink

    wow….so cute.
    I like to see all the baby things because so cute and nice.
    I got three kid now and i like to buy cloths for them. I find out one website ( the cloths they selling is very nice and the price is reasonable.I buy from them few time already my kid like it very well. Some of my friend also asking me where i buy………….

  4. Cozy

    Hey,Ivy, i am from shanghai. firstly, cograts on your fourth baby. so cute. love your drama. over here, i have to download them from intrenet. and this is my 2nd times to acess your blog as gov. shields some blogs like wordpress, youtube, facebook.etc. but luckily, i got this software from a friend who came from USA and suffered not to acess to their friends blogs as well, so that i can re-acess your blog now. cool,right? 🙂

  5. A Fan of yours

    HI Ivy,

    How are you and your baby? 🙂

    Can i have your email address in yr facebook if you have any?

    Can i take a look of yr baby pic?

    Thank you.

    Hope to hear from u soon.

    Take care.

    Best Regards


  6. cheerycolours

    Hi Ivy, I remem asking you if you are leaving mediacorp but you didn’t reply. My comment hasn’t even been published here. Been busy? or it’s not convenient to publish? I left you my email, so you can actually reply via that…but you didn’t too. Really hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  7. books4sale09

    Just discovered your blog… it’s so well-organised.
    I like it and will start follow up this super nice blog!
    Today watch the Yi Dian Xin Si and Guoliang mentioned you. You are such a versatile mum…+u!

  8. kimberly

    hey ivy, it has been a long time since u updated yr blog leh.. hope u update soon.
    — wanna see wad u and yr kids are doing.. ^^


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