milky foot?

  I saw this product in hong kong magazines.It claimed to remove dead foot skin cells,hard cracks and foot calluses after one application.I was about to ask my hubby get for me when i saw it selling in our guardian pharmacy!Cost about $37 or $39.It was easy to use.Soak in the foot pad and wear socks.It was only after 1 week that i noticed my feet started to peel.It says exfoliation process can last for 3 weeks……..Let’s wait n see if  i have a pair of milky feet 🙂

18 thoughts on “milky foot?

  1. venise

    hi ivy,

    im tinking to get this for my dad. his foot is peeling badly & in great pain. tried all sorts, not sure if this helps.

    if not troublesome for u, can u drop me a mail to let me know if it works for u?


  2. kimberly

    hope the product really works, and if it does, hope you will post the before & after pics. hehes… maybe i will consider buying it… (:

  3. Cozy

    Sounds good. And is it your foot?? If so, guess you have to try it, HaHa.
    And a good news for me that is 之财 will come to Shanghai soon. We will get him at that time. I am looking forward to it but when you will come to Shanghai?

  4. A Fan of yours

    Hi Ivy,

    Which gyn doctor u see in Raffles Hospital? Does the gyn doc have delivery package? If they do, what is the charges?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

  5. Joey Lam

    Hey Ivy!

    Joey lam here, ex-AP for Da Jiu Dian & Tian Shi… remember? chanced upon your blog from Andy Lee’s blog, and saw your post on milky foot? hehe, I just started my own affordable organic skincare online store, ! And I do have an Ola Hawaii Coconut Lemongrass footscrub that is amazingly great for getting rid of dead skin & exfoliate the feet… 🙂 Its not on my site though, only thru special orders. If you’re keen, let me know k! Do email me, and support my new affordable organic skincare online store!

    I believe if every single person uses at least 1 organic product in their lifestyle, the earth can be made a greener planet for all to live in, so yeah Kanga Organics advocate making the organic switch! And you can start by trying my affordable Skin Blossom Gentle Cleansing Milk to remove all makeup, including waterproof eye makeup, and its certified organic by UK Soil Association & Vegan registered! so, if you’ve gone vegetarian…hehe, this will be good.

    Also having a Pacific Sea Salt Scrub promo this month, organic sea salt from Hawaii! So, check out my site, and if u’re on facebook, join my page too! 🙂

    heh, long time no hear man… so long… 🙂 hope to hear from u la..

  6. Adeline

    Hello Ivy,

    The milky foot sell in Guardian is expensive, you can find a cheapest at watson at $29.90, I and my frens using the type & is from Japan.

  7. jenny

    Hi Ivy,

    I checking yr blog almost everyday ..hehe !!
    wanted to see yr new update…
    can update u & yr children photo… also yr collection ” handbag”?
    I’m a bag lover as well…………..


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