Been busy

Sorry,I’ve been quite busy with my family and my children,and recently,I  got addicted to some facebook games 😉 I just bought some baby furniture for my youngest daughter:a play table with a chair connected to it and she can sit in and walk  360 degrees round the table,enabling her to switch games provided on the table .A  red stokke high chair that is adjustable,and can be used from baby till adulthood.It might cost a little more but it’s value for money.Reminds me of the Crosscom table I bought for my daughter when she’s 5 or 6,she’s still using it now.crosscom tableBright star Tropical fun around we gostokke highchair

21 thoughts on “Been busy

      1. A Fan of yours

        Wow that’ gd.

        It’s sound so gd and i will get one for myself to try.

        Is it painful for the exfoliation process?

        How long for the feet to become smooth and
        how long it will last?

        Hope to hear from u soon. 🙂

  1. yvonne

    hi ivy, may i know where do u get the interesting baby game table with the movable chair thingy? what is the name for this? how much is it? need novelty to uy time here. many thanks 🙂

    1. yvonne

      thanks alot! will check out soon. taking care baby is no jokes and i am glad is already five months and i really think you are super mum.

  2. Gillian

    Hi Ivy,

    how’s your preparation work to settle in HK coming along? care to update us? saddens me that u are leaving cos my hubby n I loved your shows. n any farewell series u r fliming? n… any tips to share with us what kind of baby food your baby is taking?

  3. A Fan of yours

    Dear Ivy,

    I read from the newspapers that you are leaving this end of Nov 2009.
    How is your preparation and will you come back to act again in singapore the next time?

    I will miss your shows and hope to see u again in the tv show again.
    I have taken a picture with you in the year 1993 at Orchard center point.
    At that time, you were different from now. 😀

    All the best wishes for u & ur family memebers. Good Luck, good health & stay young and happy always!

    Can u share with me what brands/types of skincare products u are
    using? cos u have a nice and smooth skin. 🙂

    Hope to hear from u soon. Give yourself a good break.

    Your fan,

  4. Ivan

    Hi Ivy,

    I am a big fan of yours and am sad to see u go. 生命擂台 is now replaying on channel 8 at 2 am. Will miss your shows.

    Please take care and come back some time to act.


  5. Administrator

    hey ivy.. i saw ur 3+1 trailer here..

    haha.. looking forward to your epi.. btw, can i add u in FB? whats your email address?


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