Happy 2010 !!!

Happy New Year!

 Been in Hong Kong for about 1 and a 1/2  months,still as busy as in Singapore.Shopping in HK and living in HK is so different!I l miss  the convenience of  driving in Singapore,my kids miss strawberry milk and different flavours of yakult.(they don’t have strawberry flavour n only original flavour for yakult 😦 )Well,there’s more to learn about the city as this is juz the beginning.Will update my blog soon once I have more time.Cya!

16 thoughts on “Happy 2010 !!!

  1. andy lee

    Dear Ivy

    Happy New Year! Wishing you & family a great year2010. Happy, healthy & 事事顺利!Take care! 🙂

  2. Huilian

    Dear Ivy,

    Wishing You and your family are in pink of health and good luck!

    My friend and i are going to hong kong this mar 2010. Any nice dim sum resturant to recommand to us and place of interest to go?

    Can we meet up in Hong kong when we are there in 2-6 Mar 2010?

    You can watch latest hong kong drama show in hong kong. So good!

    Miss your drama show in singapore.

    Hope to hear from u soon. Take care!

  3. Gillian

    so good to hear that you are settling down well. ha ha, shall i airflow strawberry milk and different flavours of yakult?? take care!!

  4. babygir

    Ivy you finally blogged!! Has been waiting for your update!! Hope everyday has been well for you =)) Hear from you soon!!!

  5. jennykoo

    hi ivy..

    So happy to see yr blog still there..hehe !!
    Happy new year to u too !!!
    Need times to settle down….be patient..
    Do post your family recent photo ..so that we can see it…

    Take care ya !!!

  6. Selina

    hi Ivy, happi new yr~! its great 2 c ur new post here~! hope 2 c more of ur updates wor~! i saw ur bak kwa ad in sg recently wif ur son.. so happi 2c u on tv again hee… tk care in hk 🙂

  7. Cozy


    so happy to hear you. it’s really good for you. wish you everything’s going well there and happy new year.


  8. Elizabeth Tan

    Do you speak cantonese? Been there to visit my sister few years back. Taxi is so ex. over in hk. Just take time to adapt. Btw you will be staying over in hk for long term or what?

  9. Ker Lin

    Yes, ur ‘d’s are missing! hahahahaha.
    good to see ur blog again and I will also check out TOMS shoes in sg.
    Happy that you are happy there.
    Happy new year and all the best.

  10. Adeline

    Hi Ivy, een

    How are you been doing ? Are you working in HK or just taking care of yr 4 precious kids. Last Dec I’ve just went to HK for holidays.
    Hope you are doing very well!
    Take care !

  11. linda

    I heard of you going to HK, but didn’t realise you were already there.
    Have always liked you, glad to hear you are doing fine there.
    Wishing you all the best!

  12. raywong

    hi ivylee i m u super fans!!i heard of you leave mediacorp . i m got a little bit sad!!!because i m like u drama…!bt glad to hear you are fine doing there!!wish u all the best!!!


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