New year,new bag.It’s love @ first sight.cute?

9 thoughts on “Vroom…

  1. sAndy

    wow… such a cute bag… is it ex? how ve u been? hope to hear from u soon.. enjoy ready ur blog, ivy jie

    your forever fan


  2. Grace(feifei)


  3. sandy

    Hi Ivy, miss your appearance on TV and your smile.. and hope you are coping well with your kids n other chores at home in HK. 🙂 I have often envy and admire you, cos we r of the same age but yet I am not as “strong” as you..

    I m planning to visit hong kong in 4 Dec 2011 n will be there for a few days. Is it possible to advise me what clothes to bring for the season ? Being Singaporean, we have not yet toexperience freezing temperature, though locals may find it a cooling breeze. We are bringing small kids along, and my son has allegic rhinitis, prone to cold and running nose. Hope you can give me some pointers. THanks.

    Hope i can see you around in Hong Kong, if i am lucky enough:)


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