Gong Xi,Gong Xi!!!It’s chinese new year,wishing every one good health,and more $$ $$

Though I’m celebrating a cold chinese new year in Hong Kong,I can still feel the warmth of Singapore.Thanks to Bee Cheng Hiang,(they delivered the must-have bak kwa to my house in hk!)Do you know the people here do not use oranges when they visit?They will  bring chocolates,cookies and apples(juices,wines,or embossed with lucky characters) 🙂

7 thoughts on “GongXiFaCai

  1. jessica

    ivy…happy new year to u and family…may ur sucess everythin..
    stay healthy always…ii rite now at hk too…heheh i come here for holiday… u stay where..can tell mi…i realli hope we can go out together

  2. Gillian

    thanks for sharing… the food, yummy! U prepared? Your Bua Kua ad been shiowing on TV lately, is as if you are still in Singapore! You are deeply missed for your great acting!!!!

  3. crystal

    hey ivy, how’s things going in hk? getting used to it already?
    yeah~ i heard that hk-ers celebrate cny slightly different from us in singapore! which part of hk are you staying at? i do go to hk regularly. we can meet up if you dont mind 🙂
    anyway, wish that you and your family will have a good year ahead! :))


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