Hong Kong SEVENS

6 thoughts on “Hong Kong SEVENS

  1. irene

    hi ivy, im a fan of yours, glad u r settling down well in HK. You boys have grown so much now.. the last time i remembered seeing them was in a magazine and they were still babies. Recently, I read the interview that Mother & Baby had with you… you mentioned you use the disposable Tabletoppers placemats? I always wanted to get one but do not noe where to buy from. Could you share with me where do you purchase them?

  2. Han

    Dear Ivy
    Glad to know that you are settling fine in HK.
    I guess many of us, your fans, miss you much ….miss you on TV.
    Not too sure when you will be back …but if schd permits, we really hope to see you act again …and to bring life to TV …
    Meanwhile, pl take good care of yourself and your family.

  3. edward

    Sad that you left singapore but was happy to see that you are doing good in Hong Kong… will always support you.


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