About IVY

An actress,a mother,a person who likes shopping (cute stuff for my kids)


72 thoughts on “About IVY

  1. adel

    u are so pretty and u can act well! I love watching you on Love Blossoms the squabbling scenes with Pat are so funny. And I am always egging for you to win in the quarrels. hahaha.

  2. sui ma ma

    hi ivy
    just wanna drop my thots. U really looks and definitely acts better after U have yr 1st kid, now with 3, even better !
    wat i wanna say is, when we’re young, we focus so much on wat we’re doing, so much focus that we neglect a lot of things. Well, with kids now, we feel the importance change, hence focus change, so u’re more relax at acting, which makes you a better actress.
    cheers for mummies ! you and me and to all !!

  3. ivy fans

    i like all the dramas u played and hope u can go on playing forever!i will support you all the time!

  4. Jann

    I really liked the show Double Happiness I & II and hope that it will be reapeating again but i dun know wen !! And by the way , do you have Facebook ?? If u have pleease add me !! Thnks Support u always !! And one last thing before i go study 4 PSLE !! Really Scared … Wish that u and Edmund can act as couple soon !!
    From Ur dearest FAN Jann!!

  5. mikki's friend

    hello!!! i am Mikki’s classmate and she is soooooo cute, just like her mother. hope that there will be more shows about Ivy because all her shows are so nice…

    Always supporting you, Mikki, Ivy and Family

    Mikki’s friend

  6. a friend of Mikki

    heys!!! so happy that i am a friend of your daughter Mikki. she is sooo cute!!! just like you!!! hope that there are more shows about you!!! and hope that you will win the star awards this year!!!!( i guess it’s a bit too early…) also hope that i can get a chance to see you in real life.. although i saw you like only ONCE… haha.. anyway, just be happy and smile always!:)

    From your always supporting you girl..

  7. Fan of Ivy Lee

    hello!!! i am a big fan of you, Ivy Lee…it is so nice to see you act… i watched a show which you acted in but sorry, i forgot… i always remembered but when i am ‘talking’ to you now, i somehow feel quite nervous i dont noe why.. but the theme song or when the advertisment finish liao then when the show start, always have one baby hand and one adult hand holding each other’s hand ( like nokia) like that… that show was so nice…

    err… i think i am the only talking about this show…but nevermind…

    oh, and i read your blog and you said that Mikki had lost your camera. don’t be so sad and think on the brighter side… if that camera is old and you don’t seem to like it and lately, you have seen some nicer camera, isn’t it ‘good’ that Mikki lost your camera? but if the camera is like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO new, then i dunno already… anyway, hope that you will find a new camera soon!!! bye bye!

  8. A friend of Mikki

    hello,i am mikki classmate and i do always go recess with her…..
    she is so cute,just like you:)and of course you both are so pretty…..
    oh,tell Mikki:Hi coco,karen here……thanks:)

    Always supporting Mikki,Ivy:)

  9. kimberly

    hey ivy… hiaz.. feeling so bored.. now all of yr shows r gone.. no more of yr shows… hiaz… at ont time there was so much of yr shows!! (live again, love blossoms, the hotel) and the whole week t was all abt u!! yr acting rocks and i cant wait to watch u act in love blossoms2!! but when will it start? after love is all around? tt show is so boring.. it is like the re-make of 我的野蛮奶奶… cant wait ofr tis show to end!!
    hope that u can maybe host some shows? long time nv see u hosting ald… hahaS..
    always supporting u!!!

  10. Austin Ace

    Ivy jie! nv expect u got blog lei….anyway… i really extremely enjoy watching ur show!(xin hua duo duo kai) and…i hope that u know the camera thingy….GOOD LUCK! wish ur flower really duo duo kai!

  11. Ivy Fan

    Hi Ivy Jie!! Can’t wait 2 see u in Love Blossoms 2!! Btw, do u noe a girl called Coco Yau Xin Yue? She’s my good friend in school and she told me lots of things bout Love Blossoms 1. Haha. Good Luck. IVY LEE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jann

    heyys … juz saw you on news !! So u brought ur kids go watch teh cheerleading thing isit ?? (High School Musical) Isit a competition or wad ??

  13. Melvin

    hi, ivy jie,
    may i be ur fans ????
    is there any free dvds for ur fans, …… hahaha ????
    don’t work too hardand take care la.
    say hi to Raymond, mikki and the twins.

  14. daniel wong

    ivy i like ur all drama..hehe i most like tat live again天堂鸟…u r the most brave n kind..i love tis character qi zhen…in last episode, zhang bo ever said y ah du n haiming love u..haha cz u r kindness.. i’m ur malaysia fanzz

  15. MK

    Hi Ivy

    Heard that you are into feng shui and understand that you’ve got feng shui master to do up your pl… just wondering if you can divulge his contact details…

    Thanks heaps

  16. Torres

    Hi ivy Lee.. I love your movie.. specially the love blossom… Keep it up on ur acting… We all will support u !! Hehe. Hav a nice day.. Takecare alwez

  17. Cozy

    Hey,Ivy, greetings from Shanghai. I am big fan for you and your drama, planning have a tour in singapore next year. It should be a pretty city as my friends have been there and told me back home. Always support you and your drama. Best regards to your families!

  18. Suhua

    Hi Ivy, dun mind telling where u usually shop for the clothings that u wore ?Maybe can tell a little 1 or 2 places cos i really like those desgins. Thks and take care. 🙂

  19. Maro

    Hello Ivy,
    all i can say, is you hv matured as an actress, even more beautiful as a mum. Well done!! But read some where that you would be leaving soon.. Its really a pity ( if the rumour is true).. No matter how, you hv set an excellent example that you being an artisite has all ups & downs( ur earlier years wif MDC).. And u survived it all & be very proud of ur achievements!

    Take care..

  20. Ria

    Hi Ivy, recently I just saw my first drama with you: it was Live Again and wow! You were so good!
    You maybe wondering why I didn’t noticed you before 😉 well I Iive in The Netherlands/Holland in Europe, but after Live Again I tried to download all you dramas! Currently I am watching The Hotel again with cute Edmund! You two are just gorgeous together.

    Ivy I wanted to say to you that you are such a talented actress and you seem such a nice person too. I really admire you for that!
    I hope that you and your kids and the little baby are doing good.

    Jia you, jia you!!!

  21. ruigal

    Hi Ivy,

    It was indeed heartwarming to hear of how you juggle work and home while your hubby is based in China. I am also a working mother with a toddler and giving birth to my 2nd in 2 months. My hubby is also based in China and I am also alone acting two roles.

    Reading how you handle the situation gives me the moral support that I am not alone and that such an arrangement is perfectly normal if there is mutual trust and understanding. The notion of husband straying in China will only be true if you choose to lose confidence in your other half and yourself.

    I applaud you for this because I have been there, done that and I know it is not easy.

    best reg, ruigal

  22. JT

    Hello Ivy,

    You’ve heard this many times b4, but i just wanted 2 tell you how amazing you are as an actress, saw ur performance in ‘Live Again’ and it totally blew me away :). Oscar worthy !

    Would like to ask where i can buy your tv series? Am looking for The Price of Peace and Angel’s Dream but can’t find them. (Am from M’sia by the way).

    Anyway, congrats bout winning the top 10 positions!

  23. Sabrina

    Hi Ivy,

    Have been a big fan of yours since Price of Peace (和平的代价) and I must say I really miss seeing you whenver I tune in to Ch8 😦

    But that aside, congrats on your upcoming little bundle of joy and of course on your recent Star Awards win!

    When are you going to start filming again? I’d love to see you and Edmund Chen star as a screen couple again haha – the both of you are always so cute and hilarious together 😀

    Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

  24. Valerie

    Hi Ivy, chance about the fact that your children have unique names too. my daughters too! But, I guess it is what we feel comfortable with and happy with. I am not going to name my child just because everyone think she should be named that way. I just delivered my 2nd child and enjoying my motherhood!

  25. carmen

    Hello ivy,i love watchin’ your quarrel with pat in love blossoms esp. the last episode,the bullet,arrow one?that was the funniest part.
    I watched it over and over again,as mine is mob tv:)

  26. year 2000

    hi, whats the theme song for angel’s dream? anyone knows? i loved that show but can’t remember it now. Its been so many years. hope someone will tell me

  27. sixpegs

    really love you and your shows.
    it’s heart warming reading about how you care for your kids in your blog too.
    jiayou! 🙂

  28. Judy

    Hi Ivy

    ru keen to buy Kimono pj for your boys and youngest gal? i actually designed it. u can go to my website http://www.hunnydream.com I’m clearing my stock right now so selling cheap, not what u see on my website. pls drop me an email if you are keen lo.


  29. Annie

    Dear Ivy,

    Just read from papers today that you are migrating to HK. Ooh going to miss you and your acting.
    Wish you and your family happiness in your new home.
    Take care.

  30. baojian

    Hi ivy,
    Enjoy your life in hongkong=)
    We always miss u, hopefully could see your production in sg again. Pls share wif us your life in your blog, keep us in touch.

  31. Daniel

    Hi Ivy,

    It’s quite sad to hear that you’re going over to HK! I was still looking forward to your dramas. Please do a swansong for us before leaving, can? 🙂

    You will always be loved by your fans!!!

  32. josephine

    HI! 😀 i saw you years ago at the baby exibition at s’pore expo. yeah, advertising for my aunt’s company hahaha xD les enphants! its outlets are at suntec, united sq, bukit panjang plaza, forum. here are the main outlets. u can find the small outlets at BHG, kiddy palace, metro and also isetan. 😀 hahaha . i like your previous hairstyle. why did u cut your hair? ): haha. k. end here!

  33. Yashen

    你们都在说什么我都看不懂(英语学得不好,只知道HI、hello),但是我知道是对博主问好、喜欢之类的话啦。 有空大家一起交流交流哦。

    My E-mail: vip5888888688@qq.com

  34. vichelly

    ~~ Miss you so much Ivy! Have been a fan of yours since Star Search 1993… really hope to see photos on you in your blog, and of course, that you will return to S’pore SOOOOON..~~

  35. Allan

    Hi Ivy,

    Hope you are doing well this new year so far.

    I actually need a favor off you, I rem watching a channel 8 programme whereby they were helping start-up entrepreneurs to prove their worth and present their biz, and one episode they were featuring a second hand baby stuff buyer and seller, and you used her service to get items for your new baby that time.

    So my favor is, do u still have her contact? Do you think you can pass it to me?

    Thanks and all the best for the new year!~


  36. jigsaw

    I was very pleased to seek out this web-site.I wanted to thanks to your time for this excellent read!! I definitely having fun with every little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you blog post.


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