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Dear friends,

Thousand apologies for not updating 😛

Really busy taking care of my kids and  games;farmville,vegas tower….etc..Will be more active again but let me be more familiar with the weibo thing first,okay? (:




Gong Xi,Gong Xi!!!It’s chinese new year,wishing every one good health,and more $$ $$

Though I’m celebrating a cold chinese new year in Hong Kong,I can still feel the warmth of Singapore.Thanks to Bee Cheng Hiang,(they delivered the must-have bak kwa to my house in hk!)Do you know the people here do not use oranges when they visit?They will  bring chocolates,cookies and apples(juices,wines,or embossed with lucky characters) 🙂

Happy 2010 !!!

Happy New Year!

 Been in Hong Kong for about 1 and a 1/2  months,still as busy as in Singapore.Shopping in HK and living in HK is so different!I l miss  the convenience of  driving in Singapore,my kids miss strawberry milk and different flavours of yakult.(they don’t have strawberry flavour n only original flavour for yakult 😦 )Well,there’s more to learn about the city as this is juz the beginning.Will update my blog soon once I have more time.Cya!

My Birthday

It’s my birthday today:)But there’s nothing exciting.As usual,I have to bathe and feed my baby,run errands,wait for my kids to come back from school to take their snacks…blah..blah…blah.My hubby is not in town,but I know how to love and pamper myself.I bought myself  a beautiful cake so my kids can sing ‘Happy Birthday’ song to me(which ended up like it’s their BDs).I also bought myself  birthday presents;)A bubble leather sling bag and a pair of  earrings.I work hard for the family,so I deserved the presents right(good excuse,heehee).My birthday wish?Happy,Healthy Family:)

Thanks for the the well wishes……..tks again!!cake from Perla's pastry boutique

Take a break

her feet has grown:)

Finally have some time to blog:)My baby Leah is doing fine but my eye bags and dark eye circles are getting worse!(all the night feeding and changing of diapers).She’s going to be 2 months old in a few days time.Juz a month ago we celebrated her 1st month at Dan Ryans,with well wishes from friends and relatives.It was a cosy party with magic show to entertain the kids,parents and friends sit down and chat.cuppalicious cupcakes(sweetest moments)Oops,got to go ,she’s crying for milk..

I will be back;)

She’s here:)

Yes,she has arrived!This is her tiny foot,taken in the delivery ward of Raffles Hospital.I was really lucky that she was delivered DIY,meaning I did not have to push at all!In fact,she slipped?swam?burst out? on her own.Of course,I had epidural that took the pain away but I felt the contraction.Can’t imagine all the super mummies who delivered without epidural,It’s So Painful!!!3 pregnancy gave me 3 wonderful delivery experiences.1,newbie,unsure,emotional,weird.2,awesome(with friends to cheer on u),long hours(slow down then fast forward),being ignored as all attention went to d newborns instantly.3,strong contraction,unexpected of the DIY,the scenario when the nurse realised that the baby’s head’s out,funny:)Now I will be even busier with the new addition,that’s LIFE