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Happy 2014 !!

May all of us be blessed with good health and joy in 2014 🙂
Oops, sorry…I went MIA in 2013… Here’s a piece of cake that I felt I should share the awesomeness with…..PS3 fans 😉


Happy 2010 !!!

Happy New Year!

 Been in Hong Kong for about 1 and a 1/2  months,still as busy as in Singapore.Shopping in HK and living in HK is so different!I l miss  the convenience of  driving in Singapore,my kids miss strawberry milk and different flavours of yakult.(they don’t have strawberry flavour n only original flavour for yakult 😦 )Well,there’s more to learn about the city as this is juz the beginning.Will update my blog soon once I have more time.Cya!

Busy week….

Omega Dinner @ St Regis Last week was really a busy one.My daughter’s birthday,events,and friend’s party……Marie cake by Smiling Orchidcake by Smiling OrchidThis week?Worse!!!Alot of packing to be done.The more I try to sort things out,the more messy they become 😦  Anyway,really too busy to post more pictures,sorry guys!Will try next time when I have more time. 🙂

Never seen before!!!

Look,never seen before posters!My hubby was telling me there’s this BAIDU search engine,like Google,was amazing.You name it,they have it.(as long as your name was ever mentioned in the press lah)

I managed to find some posters from dramas that i was involved ,never seen before and never knew they existed,Hahaha.Enjoy:)